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We believe so strongly in the principles of Huna that they are embedded right into our name.


In addition to Huna, we are grounded by the power of Positive PsychologY. Positive Psychology has scientifically proven that flourishing (including the strengths and virtues that enable individuals, communities and organizations to thrive) is a learned skill. Yes, that’s right, well-being is a skill and can be acquired! With an eye toward the future, Positive Psychology focuses on positive emotions, engagement, relationships, meaning and accomplishment.


Combining these two practices with over 20 years of real-life experience, HunaX is about empowerment and we want to empower you, your team and your company to thrive at the highest potential – without limits.


At HunaX, we start with tools that highlight your super powers. Absolutely everyone has them! We believe that once you actualize your strengths you can learn to leverage them to curate your dream job, either within your current company or perhaps somewhere else. As they say, the world is your oyster so why wait?

We use tools such as the GRIT ScaleVIA Character Strength Assessment and Facet5 which have been scientifically proven to provide speedy, practical, less complicated information to assist with decision-making for one's self and throughout the employee lifecycle. Once understood, the results help people and teams to unleash their abilities and motivators in order to engage more authentically. 


Most compelling, it is widely recognized by the National Institutes of Health, Forbes, Harvard Business School, BBC Worklife, the National Institutes on Aging and many others that an increased consciousness and understanding of the depth of personality is key to enhancing success at work.


This is particularly true with a multi-generational workplace alongside increased awareness toward well-being. The need to understand yourself and your people, their motivations, drives and aspirations is foundational for a productive and satisfying work experience.


With all this in mind, HunaX is uniquely qualified to activate around results and will incite lasting change within a person, a team, or a company. Whether through assessments, inspiring exercises, new ways of goal setting, coaching or accountability partnering, HunaX is thrilled to bring this exceptional work and expertise to you.

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 “Positive psychology is the scientific study of what makes life most worth living.” (Peterson, 2008)

Interested? It’s easy! Just contact us and we’ll identify realistic and motivating next steps together.  

Clarity for yourself. Transitional Coaching. Personal and Performance Development. Team Advancement. Executive Growth. Culture surveys. Well-being improvement.

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                     is inspired by the seven Hawaiian principles of Huna which embolden an enriched sense of self truth:


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• The world is what you think it is

• There are no limits, everything       

   is possible

• All power comes from within

• Energy flows where attention goes

• Effectiveness is the measure of truth

• To love is to be happy with

• Now is the moment of power

At HunaX, the future is as limitless

as you are!

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