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Huna Principle No.3

Now is the moment of Power



Yes, I commonly refer to myself as a “human cheerleader and team builder.” I have spent my entire life passionately helping people in companies one-by-one and team-by-team. It’s what I love to do.


We all have our stories. They’re vitally important – every last bit. Every experience gets us to where we are today and should be acknowledged graciously for its lesson. It is also important to be vulnerable and to be brave; this is how we become honest with ourselves. It’s how we decide what matters most and what is truly inspirational to us. Knowing ourselves helps enhance how we provide contribution both personally and at work.  



Since I was very young, I wanted to be a child psychologist. After three years of college as a Psych major I decided to add a minor in Personnel and Industrial Relations (Human Resources). Why? Because it was important to me to be independent, to support myself, to find my own resilience, and to define my own success. I figured that HR was really child psychology in the workplace; that adults were just grown kids. So, I figured "why not?" 


After I earned my bachelors degree from Syracuse University, I went on to earn a Certificate in Human Resources from Loyola Marymount University and a Masters of Science Degree in Organizational Development from Johns Hopkins University. To be certified in dispute resolution, I became a Mediator through the Los Angeles County Bar Association. I was also fortunate to work the Stanford University Design Thinking team and, currently, I am earning my certification in Positive Psychology from the University of Pennsylvania.


I have spent my entire career in HR. I have worked internally with large global companies and I continue to manage my own HR consulting practice for more than 15 years now; 10 of those years focused on start-ups. In my last role, I was Vice President, Human Resources of an multi-billion dollar, global company focusing solely on employee relations. 


A sampling of the companies whom I have worked with include:

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Westfield (now Unibail Rodamco Westfield) | fX Networks (Fox) | Pinkberry | RedBull North America | FastPay | OpenX | Buzz Media (now SpinMedia) |  Participant Media | factual | Vubiquity | Shine America | MarketShare Torn & Glasser | SocialVibe | Break the Cycle | PSI | Ameriflight

Throughout my career, I faced many challenges, just like you. I have had bosses who believed that degrading people is a sport and I’ve felt sucker punched – often. Promises of promotions after accomplishing high bar achievements halted simply because I was a woman. I know what it feels like to provide high quality, impactful output and not get recognized for it.


I have also worked with many amazing, smart, encouraging and thrilling personalities. Presidents who inspire the best in people. Leaders who recognize employee’s gifts and talents. True creative inspirers. Idea Makers. Underdog cheerleaders. These are the people that I pay homage to and who inspired me along the way. 



Life is complicated; there is no doubt. However, if you look hard enough, listen intently, ask enough questions and believe in yourself and the people around you, life always provides a path forward. This perspective is my lifeline and the greatest asset I have given others, through the years, coaching thousands of people. 


Together, we can realize your key strengths and aspirations, explode the talents of your teams, and create more connection and meaning at work. I want you to experience your own future revelation, elevate your teams, inspire leaders, and I am excited to figure it out with you.

“You have the life you’re willing to put up with.”
(Gary John Bishop)

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