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Huna Principle No.4

Energy Flows Where Attention Goes



We believe that if you know yourself and your true drivers, you can create a future working through your strengths and passions. In turn, you will achieve greater well-being. In fact, it won't even feel like work! At                     we use the Facet5 because it's quick, it's accurate and it's the most clear and dependable way to get at the heart of your abilities. 

Individually the Facet5 assessment takes just 15 minutes or less (you really just go with your gut!) and about an hour and a half for the initial debrief -- which can be done one-on-one or in a group.


Sure, there are many other work personality tools out there, but nothing as unique and effective as the Facet5. Facet5 was developed in response to client demand for speedy, practical information to assist with decision making at each stage of an employees’ journey through an organization. Available in over 30 different languages, Facet5 is jargon-free, clear and concise, and takes into account that there is a degree of emotionality that one brings to the workplace. This is Facet5's true differentiator making it the most advanced and inspiring measure of work personality available.


Facet5 also has a wide range of country and industry norm groups that makes meaningful comparisons simple. Facet5 is web-based and works with individuals and organizations to design and implement solutions that harness opportunities and realize potential.


Facet5 is easily and effectively applied across the entire employee lifecycle. From selection through to separation and exit, Facet5 engages the individual, the leader and organization with a range of comprehensive insights. Whether building enhancing individual insight, a team, integrating a new hire or looking at organizational culture, Facet5 works with individuals, teams and organizations to realize their full potential.


The five factor model of personality (or ‘Big 5’) is now widely accepted as the best way of describing the fundamental building blocks of personality. The ‘Big 5’ model consistently emerges from psychological research as the irreducible minimum needed to give a comprehensive description of personality and behavior. Facet5 measures these factors precisely and quickly to give the most accurate and easily applied portrait of individual differences in behavior today.


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